Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Melissa and I am the founder of WANDERDOG and hope to enrich the lives of canines in our area. I have known more dogs in my life than most and I have a deep connection with them. I feel the connection is extraordinary and use my advantage of opposable thumbs, speech, and expression to protect, speak for, and watch over them while having a really fun time. I am deeply committed to the safety of the pack while we are out while giving them the freedom to do things they love like chasing, climbing, hunting, and digging!

I have spent endless hours of exposure to dogs of all kinds. I grew up reading about animal behavior and watching Animal Planet while getting my Zoo News in the mail. In 2011, I worked with the Humane Society of the Palouse located in Moscow, Idaho and walked dogs full-time for their facility. I am a graduate of Dog*tec and am also First Aid and CPR certified with Pet Tech. I have extensive knowledge in canine behavior, pack management, building a strong recall, reading canine body language, recognizing early warning signs of discomfort, fear, and aggression, and positively managing inappropriate dog play and leash manners. I can walk multiple dogs off leash and focus on fun and exercise. I use only positive methods of training because I believe dogs should keep their positivity and thrive on what works! 

As someone who could not have a dog in the past because of full time work in the city, I understand that situations can make it difficult to be the kind of dog owner that you want to be. I would like to help you by offering my services. I am here to make sure your dog gets what it needs while you're away. Together, we can provide your pet with a quality life style that they deserve. Whether you travel a lot or work full-time, WANDERDOG is here to give you and your dog top quality service and provide you with relief knowing your pet is in trusting hands.

"it is my dream to walk your dog!"-Melissa Mees