WANDERDOG guarantees to add many extra wags to your dog's tail, improve/maintain your dog's health, and gain quality to your pet's life. At home pick up and walked for a minimum of one hour. Your dog will enjoy high intensity chases and will have the freedom to go at their own pace, explore, and adventure with a pack. Your dog will be walked and ready to relax with family upon your arrival. Give your dog the life it deserves and throw your guilt away...WANDERDOG is here for you!!

Do you have a well behaved and non aggressive pup who loves to socialize with other dogs? Is your dog extremely active and you just can’t keep up with their exercise needs? Then off leash guided walks may be what you’re looking for!


Off leash dog walking and in home pet sitting (for regular walking clients only). We will make pet care worry free while you're away doing work or play!


WANDERDOG is an insured and certified business of Lafayette, CA. Certified in First Aid, C.P.R. and dog walking